Kunstraffinaderij 2023 –Theme TIME
Multidisciplinary art spectacle on April 21, 22 and 23, 2023, in the Stevenskerk Nijmegen

Save the Date!!
It took a while, but next April it will be that time again. The 8th edition of Kunstraffinaderij kicks off in the monumental Stevenskerk. This now famous multidisciplinary art spectacle will take place on 21, 22 and 23 April 2023. A sparkling and contemporary event, where about 70 artists, from the Nijmegen region and the German border area, will present their latest works. Registration for artists is open.

In addition, the visitor is surprised by a program with special artistic expressions such as sound performances, theatrical pop-ups, dance and poetry. Preparations for this program are now in full swing. For example, the Poetry Center will compose and recite poems for work by participating artists.

Kunstraffinaderij takes place in the recently renovated Stevenskerk. This beautiful church in the historic heart of Nijmegen has been defining the city’s skyline for 750 years. The ambiance of the church is perfect for an art fair such as Kunstraffinaderij. The theme of this edition is Time. Artists are creatively challenged to give a free interpretation to this theme.

In previous years, more than 2500 visitors found their way to Kunstraffinaderij per edition.

About us
Kunstraffinaderij consists of a group of enthusiastic volunteers from the Nijmegen region who want to provide stages for artists to present their work. In addition, she strives to make access to these events accessible and to enthuse the general public for art.

Kunstraffinaderij is a surprising and innovative multidisciplinary art fair, where artists from the Nijmegen region and the German border area present the latest works.


Edition 2023

Due to renovations in the Stevenskerk and the uncertainties regarding covid 19, the 8th edition of Kunstraffinaderij is planned in the spring of 2023.

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Inschrijving geopend!

The registration for artists to participate in Kunstraffinaderij 2023 is open! You can register with the registration form under the heading Participation on this site.

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